Astbury Conversation


The Astbury Conversation

The Astbury Conversation is designed to give an insight into life in molecular detail - whether you are a researcher wanting to know about the latest developments, or you are simply interested in learning more about the hidden - but fascinating – world of macromolecules.

The second biennial Astbury Conversation brought together leading researchers from across the globe to discuss the most recent progress in the field of structural molecular biology in its broadest sense. This event is inspired by the pioneering work at Leeds of the Braggs (Nobel prize 1913), and in the 1930s to 60s of Professor Bill Astbury, FRS, a field of research continued today in the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology.

It is fitting that more than 100 years after the Braggs’ Nobel Prize winning breakthrough we celebrate discoveries in structural molecular biology both within the University and across the wider scientific community by hosting the Astbury Conversation as one of the highlights of the University calendar.

The programme included;

  • An academic Symposium themed around “Allostery in Biology” to include prestigious talks, selected presentations and poster sessions
  • Plenary Public Lecture by Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Kobilka of Stanford University,
  • A Public Engagement Event themed around “Understanding More about the Secret Life of Molecules”, followed by a wine reception.


Find out more about the 2018 schedule;

The Symposium

Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 April: “Allostery in Biology”

The Public Event and Lecture

Tuesday 17 April: “Understanding More About the Secret Life of Molecules”


Astbury Conversation 2018



Visit gallery to find out more, or click to view the full video of Professor Brian Kobilka's Lecture.